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Graphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak has long experience in corporate design and creates unique authorship products for Ukrainian and foreign companies. But people often ask us whether we are going to make things for private connoisseurs of design highlights, for home use, something that you could get for yourself or as a gift, in a word, for people. That’s why we launched oooo.com.ua. We aimed at distancing ourselves from the industry of so-called mass “design” development and focusing on the qualitative ideas of Ukrainian origin.

Design Shop will also be interesting to interior designers, decorators and lifestyle consultants.

Everything you see in the Design Shop is our own design, produced in small volumes under strict supervision. So far there are only a few goods, however, not the quantity, but the quality of goods is of primarily importance for us, the quality of ideas and the ability to seamlessly integrate designer works with modern Ukrainian life. Very often we are faced with the fact that design things in catalogs or on the Internet look much better than in real life. We strive to make the real object as attractive as it is in the photo. So that it would have a value not only in use, but also when you purchase it and give as a present.

We plan to continuously expand the product range and offer more and more interesting things, as well as collaborate with other designers and design studios.
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