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Destroyer of myths: Yurko Gutsulyak
February 23, 2009

Yurko Gutsulyak commented 7 myths suggested by PULT portal. This time the myths were solely about the design.

Myth 1
In the field of web design everything is done by using already existing templates. Nothing new has been created for a long time.
Y.G. Generally, yes.
Very often the web sites are developed by using one and the same preliminary created templates and software modules and everything is done under a long-practiced scheme. Such an approach is primarily used by the companies that specialize purely on web design. In my opinion it does not harm the end result and is quite beneficial for the client. A customer receives a guaranteed result and avoids the risk of experiment, because creation work is always an experiment.

Myth 2 
Recipe for a successful logo is creation of the most original and unusual font.
Y.G. Definitely not!
Originality of the font is only one of the many ways to achieve the uniqueness of logo. Alongside with that, an unusual font requires more attention and skill of the designer, and also the sense of style and extent. Haunting for originality one can easily get into the trap of insipidity and ignorance. 
And yet there are many successful world-known brands that use traditional for today Helvetica font.

Myth 3
While developing the corporate identity one should be guided by the existing standards, otherwise the client would not like it.
YG This is not true.
When developing a corporate identity you should use the technical requirements, information about the market segment in which the company operates, and sincerely seek to ascertain the needs and preferences of the client. The client will always understand and accept an irregular idea if it helps to solve his problem. But it is worth mentioning that a non-standard approach requires more time and effort for its creation, analysis, presentation and support. It is much easier to shift the blame on the customer and say that it is he who can not appreciate the great design idea. And again, original corporate identity is not an end in itself, but a means of achieving the result.

If to talk about the specific experience of our studio, we always use a creative approach to developing a style. The very notion of style means that it must be different; the stronger the difference is - the better. When a client understands that he has a chance to become an owner of unique identification, he usually does not miss this chance and he really likes it.

The most outstanding example of a non-standard solution to the corporate identity created by our studio is a law firm "Golovan & Partners".

Myth 4
The secret of a successful and effective outdoor advertising is a large brand logo.
YG No. It is not a secret, it is a problem.
Big size of the logo is used to resolve an issue of combining advertising message with a brand. But it is a very one-sided and primitive solution. Today the main reasons for using a big logo are:
- defects of the logo itself - the logo is difficult to be read in small formats and poorly remembered, gets lost;
- the lack of well-considered brand identity, the lack of recognizable style-forming elements;
- no circumspective advertising campaign;
- the lack of thought-out design of advertising message.

Myth 5
«Interior Designer» is only one of the responsibilities of the architect
YG No.
Naturally, the architect must have a general idea about the interior design, but it is not obligatory for him to be an expert in this field. Similarly, a graphic designer does not have to be an illustrator.

Myth 6
If the advertisement is not placed on the cover of a magazine, then no one will notice it. Regardless of its design.
YG.  If so, maybe the choice of the magazine for advertisement should be taken a closed look at.  Maybe no one generally opens or reviews this publication. And we can also mention a number of advertising feeds designed specifically for placement within the magazine, and not on the cover.

Myth 7
All designers wear sneakers, take drugs and hang in LJ.
YG. Sneakers - comfortable and fashionable shoes, which herewith mean belonging to certain subcultures - have long ago become a part of the wardrobe of today's youth in many countries. Designers in Ukraine and post-Soviet space are exactly the youth. Therefore it is not surprising that designers wear sneakers.
Drugs – everyone has his own drugs. My drug is design.
I do not hang in LJ and generally poorly understand the charm of this resource.

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