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Powers of the ADC*UA President Yurko Gutsulyak prolonged


A report-back and elective meeting of ADC*UA art directors took place On February 24. The main outcome of the ADC*UA meeting was the re-election the club’s President and the Board of Directors. The powers of the club’s President Yurko Gutsulyak had been prolonged for another year by the overwhelming majority of the club members present at the meeting.

ADC*UA  is a unique platform for the dialogue of the leading Ukrainian creators. Among the club members are only those who are not just talking about the quality of creativity and education of advertisers, but have a real impact on the Ukrainian advertising market.

Mission of the ADC Ukraine Club:

Combine the best creative and human resources in the market.

Raise the professional level of advertising.

Mark the new standards.

Present the Ukrainian advertising industry to the international community.

Support young professionals.

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