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GOUACHE is a music


It’s essential to upgrade the old one, or create entirely new GOUACHE band logo.

GOUACHE is a Ukrainian band formed in 2006 by a composer and arranger Ivan Rozin. GOUACHE musical style can be defined as pop-rock, an international music present in the actual context of contemporary pop.

In September 2006 GOUACHE band signed a contract with Vitaliy Klimov, a producer who had created the best Ukrainian bands of 90's and 2000's: “Tabula Rasa” and “Okean Elzy”.

The band’s debut album “Simple Me" was released in June 2009. And in 2010 GOUACHE set a record for the number of songs from one album, which was radio broadcasted in Ukraine. National radio stations aired seven songs of the band.

Old logo

To be honest, at first we liked the "philosophy" of the logo that we used to have. It had a certain democratic character, at leased we thought so, but gradually we came to the conclusion that the logo was too banal and almost non-functional because of its poor performance on all the backgrounds other than white.
Vitaliy Klimov, GOUACHE producer

Design process

The most important thing while working on the logo for a band is to catch a musical style of the performing musician as well as his inner energy. Logo should perfectly match the group and definitely be original and trendy.

First there was an attempt to start out particularly from the name and old logo. I wanted to preserve the original idea of thick free paint strokes. But still I had to add some kind of experiment and novelty. The results were quite interesting, but there was an obvious lack of actuality, or mass pop culture, or functionality.

Finally a question arose: "Why should GOUACHE be just paint? GOUACHE is primarily music.”


The new logo designed by Yurko Gutsulyak successfully combines the slightest hints of a cheerful and optimistic disco as well as the “Frenchness” of the band’s name; and it is sufficiently original which is just enough to distinguish an actual logo from an ordinary title. To my mind this logo is well correlated with the band’s music.
Once Ivan Rozin got this logo on paper, he immediately scanned it and ...downloaded to his iPhone :-)

Vitaliy Klimov, GOUACHE producer

“It should be mentioned that working with Yurko Gutsulyak is simple and nice. It is obviously clear he is a professional: he does not speak much, does not try to “sell” his work, and expresses his point quite briefly and accurately. Personally I am very happy with the result.”
Ivan Rozin, GOUACHE frontman

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