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Energy calendar

VS Energy International Ukraine

Financial industrial group

Year of creation:

Art director:
Yurko Gutsulyak

The idea was to create as unique a calendar so that the process of its presenting would become an outstanding event. Alongside with this, it was important to expose the idea of "energy", as it is predetermined by the name and logo of the company. Each page is a month and it looks like a comb made of matches that correspond to the days. The matches are real and the construction of the calendar is absolutely safe. Match calendar

Awards :
GOLD - Epica Awards (France), 2008, the “Publication” Category
GOLD - RED APPLE (Russia), 2008, the “Corporate identity. Calendar” Category
GOLD - KIAF (Ukraine), 2008, the “Calendar” Category
GOLD - KAKADU Awards (Ukraine), 2009, the “Graphic Design” Category 
GOLD - REX Gallery (Ukraine), 2008, the “Calendar” Category
SILVER - Golden Drum (Slovenia), 2008, the “Design and Art direction” Category
SILVER - Golden Hammer (Latvia), 2008, the “Art direction: Calendar” Category
SILVER - “Idea” (Russia), 2008, the “Calendar, catalogue, annual report” Category
MERIT WINNER  - HOW Design Annual (USA), 2009, the “3D objects” Category 
WINNER - Communication Arts Design Annual (USA), 2008, the “Miscellaneous” Category
ADI EXCELLENT WORK - ADI Design Award Graphic Design Annual (China), 2010

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