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Color calendar

VS Energy International Ukraine


Financial industrial group

Year of creation:


Art director:
Yurko Gutsulyak

"The world around us is full of colors and each color in the world emits the energy inherent only to it.
We see BUSINESS AS ART of searching for own color combinations and creating with their help of own world".

While creating the calendar it was essential to concentrate on the energy that is implied in the name and logo of the company and it was necessary to use the existing slogan, “Business as an Art”.

We suggested the idea of “Colour calendar”, each page of which is dedicated to a particular colour and its energy. This very idea allows to represent and explain the symbiosis of Energy, Business and Art.
It should be noted that the idea is hardly a new one and improvisations on it can be found in portfolios of numerous design studios. That is why it was important for us to find a brand new way to present this idea, the way that would make this calendar unique and special.

All the pages of the calendar are made of transparent plastic with silk screening: 12 colours+ silver.

As one turns the pages, bright colourful patterns emerge: these were created on the basis of traditional patterns of Ukrainian decorative and applied arts.

Awards :
SHORTLIST — KAKADU Awards (Ukraine), 2010, the “Graphic Design” Category
SHORTLIST —  KIAF (Ukraine), 2009, the “Calendar” Category
SHORTLIST — “Idea” (Russia), 2009, the “Calendar, catalogue, annual report” Category

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