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Sunrise Card

Graphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak

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Art director:
Yurko Gutsulyak

The Card is dedicated to a Year of Rooster (2017) and it tells the eternal story of the Sun’s awakening out of the dark blue space dotted with star grains. The sunrise symbolizes a new day, new period of life with all its opportunities, plans and hopes. The Happy crowing of mythical Rooster makes the Sun rise and this is the greatest mission of the year’s mascot. In many ancient cultures Rooster stands for the Sun.

The idea of the Card is partly inspired by the play Chantecler written by French poet Edmond Rostand as well as Medieval and Renaissance recipes of organic paint.

Sunrise Card is a New Year greeting and a new article of Oriental Collection – a self-promotional project that is supposed to last 12 years and includes 12 greeting cards representing 12 symbols according to Chinese Zodiac. Style of this project is a mix of cultures and times.


Was it printed with real egg yolk?
Yes, we used real organic eggs from a farm as they have deep yellow or even orange color of yolks.

How many eggs do you need to print one card?
One yolk is enough to print 5 to 6 cards.

Did you add pigments or other ingredients to yolk?
We did not add any pigments, as the idea was to get the clear color of a natural yolk. On the other hand, we added some acid following the Renaissance recipes of tempera paint.

Can I damage the Card with my nails?
You may touch the Card with your fingertips as much as you like (the feeling is very special) but scratching with your nails can damage the Card.

Are there any special storage requirements?

We did not perform any continuous tests but according to all the information we have found it is better to keep the Card in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

SILVER - European Design Awards (Portugal), 2017, the “Printed Selfpromotion” Category
BEST OF - Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of (Ukraine), 2017, the “Promotional, DM and POS products design” Category

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