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Wine Card


Wine and Cognac Distillery

Year of creation:

Art director:
Yurko Gutsulyak

There is only one way to open this postcard. And when you open it, it seems as if you are filling a celebratory glass of exquisite wine. Subtle patterns of vines, leaves and grape bunches, natural tone and texture of paper create an atmosphere of naturalness and exceptional value of the product.

Awards :
ADI EXCELLENT WORK — ADI Design Award Graphic Design Annual (China), 2010
GOLD  — REX Gallery (Ukraine), 2008, the “Cards” Category
MERIT WINNER — European Design Awards (Greece), 2008, the “Cards & Flyers” Category
SILVER — Golden Hammer (Latvia), 2008, the “Art direction: Cards” Category
BRONZE — KIAF (Ukraine), 2008, the “Holiday card, brochure, booklet” Category
BRONZE — KAKADU Awards (Ukraine), 2009, the “Graphic Design” Category

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