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Advocate Law Company


Law Company

Year of creation:

Art director:
Yurko Gutsulyak

The Law is mainly based on traditions rather than innovations. On the other hand the Law forms modernity. We came up with the simple solution that the best symbol for Law Company with traditional name Advocate is scale of justice. We found clear and distinct shape of logo that represents modern company in time-honored sphere of business.

Each article of identity was created with high attention to details and materials to impress the customers. For example the letterhead has special decorative perforation that helps to fold letter quickly and carefully. The envelope is covered inside with corporate pattern to prevent unauthorized reading of the letter.

Office interior is also part of identity. The construction of shelving and tables are inspired with corporate pattern. The walls are decorated with series of four original calligraphy artworks that were created especially for this identity system. Each artwork shows some article of the Constitution of Ukraine describing human rights.

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