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Berezha Security Group

Berezha Security Group

Information Technology

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Yurko Gutsulyak

Berezha Security Group is a consulting company specializing in application security, penetration testing, and professional training. Since it was founded in 2014, the company has gained international success and was ranked as an industry leader. The fast-growing cybersecurity team needed identity redesign to raise their brand on a new level. As a part of the rebranding, the abbreviation BSG has replaced the full name.

The new design had to bridge formal corporate culture with a liberal cyber lifestyle. Three letters BSG were the core of the future visual message.

During the research stage, we were overwhelmed with numerous cliches about cybersecurity services. Thus, the goal was to find alternative symbols as opposed to shields, locks, and bugs. The last ones were supposed to use as supportive icons.

An algorithm chart inspired the new logotype made with three different containers. We did not copy them literally but reshaped containers to step out of their original meanings and make them unique. Each system, application, or business can be described as an algorithm. Security is an algorithm too, and it should be built into the process we aim to protect. With this symbol, we declare that BSG is, first of all, the analytical thinking company with deep process understanding.

LEET (1337) version of logotype, when digits 856 replace letters BSG, is used for corporate souvenirs and informal applications.

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