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Bakhchisaray wine


Alcohol company

Year of creation:

Art director:
Yurko Gutsulyak

Create the appearance of a new product – Bakhchisaray wine series.

- inexpensive product, affordable to a wide range of customers;
- Crimean origin of the wine;
- Bakhchisaray – a city of gardens.
It was essential to render the oriental atmosphere, but in the European view, without using the Crimean and Tatar symbols.

Brand icon – exotic bird, peacock’s outline. Peacock is a heraldic creature, a symbol and decoration of a nobleman’s garden, it is associated with oriental origin and culture, has a clear parallel in the mind of target audience.
A unique ornament was created for each group in the wine series by means of author’s stylization of the oriental patterns, including the wall paintings of Khan’s Palace – the most remarkable sight in the Bakhchisaray city.

The floral ornament in olive green range of colors corresponds to the traditional white wines group.
Traditional red wines are represented by geometric ornament in red and maroon tones.
Exotic wines, the special pride of the collection, are marked with blue flower pattern.

Awards :
SILVER - ADC*UA Awards (Ukraine), 2010, the “Design” Category
BRONZE - Popok (Armenia), 2010, the “Graphic Design” Category
SHORTLIST - KAKADU Awards (Ukraine), 2011, the “Design” Category
SHORTLIST - KIAF (Ukraine), 2010, the “Packaging Design” Category
SHORTLIST - RED APPLE 20 (Russia), 2010, the “Packaging Design” Category

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