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Art director:
Yurko Gutsulyak

The task was to create the global concept of new cracker line, including naming, cracker shapes, and packaging. The target market is pretty wide as to age and territory – with Ukraine as a core, it stretches from the East with the Arab Emirates and China to West with Western European countries and the United States. The creative concept should be understandable to consumers with different backgrounds and respectful towards different cultures.

Our challenge was to make this project inspiring and innovative despite commonplace brief: too wide target audience; requirements literally to depict all cracker figures on packaging; working for a mass market segment. In order to balance all compromises, we decided to use handcrafted modeling clay sculptures combined with real crackers for illustrations. According to our research, this technique was not ever used in food packaging design before, that is why this packaging series is considered to be unique.

BEST OF - Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of (Ukraine), 2018, the “Packaging design” Category

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