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Yurko Gutsulyak

Olkom is a popular Ukrainian brand famous for its sunflower oil-based products. In 2020 it launched a new series of high-quality spread that combine vegetable and milk fats. While it is well marketable in Western Europe, Ukrainian customers perceive spread with a particular prejudice. The reasons are lack of relevant information in media and market's overflowing with cheap and often low quality "fake butter." Olkom has manufacturing facilities that allow producing healthier spread without trans fats. Besides, the brand is brave enough to compete on price.

The main challenge was creating the innovative appearance of Olkom spread and making it stands out of both categories: butter and spread. The design combines the "milky," countryside atmosphere with an idea of the vegetable origin of fats. As a source of inspiration, we took traditional Ukrainian folk crafts to reflect emotions of homemade, and natural food. Famous Petrykivka art became the base for ornaments' structure. However, we slightly reimagined ornaments to make them look contemporary and cross-cultural. The color palette is typical for dairy products, yet rare for a spread and moderately used for butter. It helps to show the chilled, fresh, and pure product.
At this moment, the series consists of two SKU: Selyanske, which means a countryside one and has 72,5% of fat, and Vershkove, which means a creamy one and has 60,0% of fat.


Prime design trick is that one can display the packaging upside down without any harm to the identification and overall impression. Only the logotype has direction, but it is recognizable in any position. Besides attractive oddity, it allows the packaging to look good on a table or in a horizontal supermarket fridge with 360 degrees observation. Also, it helps avoid risks of improper placing on the shelves.

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